Spring Clean your Web Site

January 16, 2014

Normal price: R1250.00
Promotion: R625.00 (Approx USD60.00)

A new year, new opportunities – Make sure your Web Site is up to the challenge.

Solutions Web will look under the hood for you and sort out those small things that always get overlooked, until they become a problem.

We do the following;

• Copyright
• Contact Details
• About us page
• Staff Bios
• News
• Calendar of Events
• Newsletter archive
• Mail Forms
• Automatic responders
• eMail Sign up
• Social Media Widgets
• Internal Linkage
• Check for broken or dodgy links

• Check for out of date content
• Easy navigation
• The layout of each page is correct
• Pages load quickly
• No typos

What are you waiting for:-

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Good Open Source Alternative for Paid Software, that are Free.

March 25, 2013

No matter what you use your computer for, one of the most valuable programs on it will be an Office Suite. You can use it to write letters, catalogue your recipe collection, draw up a spreadsheet and even as an electronic diary. An the most popular off office suite is Microsoft Office. But even the least expensive version will cost you just under R1000 (Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Student Edition – 1 User R949.95 on Kalahari.com) and the cheapest business version is R2400.00. Keep in mind, that the software licence will only allow you to load it on one PC, so if you have two PCs, you must buy two copies. Then you have the fact that you will need to upgrade every few years.

Expensive, especially if you only use it every so often. But, there is a solution that is FREE (your favourite new word!)

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The Internet

March 4, 2013

Wikipedia defines the Internet as:

The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks…

but the ordinary man in the street will perceive the Internet based on how he uses it.

  • Some use the Internet for Entertainment, playing games online or possibly watch videos from YouTube or similar sites.
  • Some use the Internet to Communicate with family and friends using Facebook or even eMail
  • Some use the Internet to Write and Publish their work through Web Sites or Blogs
  • Some use the Internet to Sell their Services or Products through online Shops

The Internet is not easy to define because there is so much that you can do. It has evolved from a source of information to an interactive platform for both business and entertainment. It has changed how we communicate and stay in tough with Family and Friends. progress is inevitable and the Internet is bound to evolve further still.

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South African Small Business and the Internet

February 25, 2013

The Internet provides business with an inexpensive marketing platform. Whilst this is true for both Big and Small Business, it is in fact Small Business that will benefit more.

A chain store such as Edgars is well known and can be found in every major shopping mall in South Africa. Either you buy from them or you don’t buy from them. Their presence on the Internet serves to keep you aware of them and also allows you to communicate with them. If they has no presence on the Internet, they could still survive. by being visible on TV, billboards, fliers and print advertisement (all of which they use.)

But a Small Business, even if it has more than one location, does not have the luxury of being so visible. It will use the same tools to promote itself as Big Business, but it does not have the same marketing budget. And, this is where the Internet comes in. A Web Site can be seen by anyone even those outside of the area where the business is located. This is ideal for specialist operations as well as price comparisons.

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Why do you need a Web Site?

December 3, 2012

Why do you need a Web Site?.


November 6, 2012

Cross posted from Solutions Web – le Blog

I am a big fan of Free.

Lets examine the concept of free. I design and create Web Sites. I will design a Template so that each page is consistent throughout the Site. Sometimes I will design more than one Template, if a different look or feel is needed by part of the Web Site. I have access to many free template that have been designed by others that I can use as inspiration or use as is for the Web Site I am creating.

The Paid template is not necessarily better than the Free One. Often, the free template was designed by someone who wanted to show how good their work is, Or, maybe they want to give back to the community. On my Web Site, I have some Templates that I have created, because I have benefited from free Templates in the past and this is my way of giving back to the community.

eMail Lists

October 16, 2012

From my Company Blog

eMail marketing has taken a knock because of the unsolicited spam out there. However it is still possible to market by eMail and to do it with reasonable success provided you obey the rules.

Rule One. Do not use you normal eMail account. Use a Bulk Mailing service like MailChimp. Your Internet Service Provider will not take kindly to you sending out bulk mailings, especially if they end up getting blacklisted because of it.

Rule Two. Do not add just any eMail to your list, make sure you have permission to do so. If you meet someone and exchange business cards, by all means add him to your list. but have the courtesy to inform him and give him the opportunity to leave your list, if he so chooses.

Rule Three. Use the double opt-in system. When some one signs up for you eMail list, an email is sent to them asking them to confirm that they have signed up for your eMail list and click a link. This is standard with any Bulk Mail Service.

Rule Four. Give your subscribers the opportunity to opt out with every eMail you send, again standard with any Bulk Mail Service.

Next Week: Using your eMail List for Newsletters and Marketing Campaigns


August 12, 2012


Democracy – South African Style

July 15, 2012

Democracy – South African Style.

Arrive on time.

April 11, 2010

In business, you cannot afford to be late. And yet, South Africans are often late. Not only does this show bad manners, it shows that that have a total lack of respect for the person you are seeing.

You have to plan ahead and allow time for the 101 things that could go wrong. There will be times when you cannot be on time, no matter how had you plan. Those times are unaviodable but will happen infrequently if you are in the habit of planning.

When a customer arrives late for an appoitment, do they believe that their business is so important that you have to grovel and accept their lack of manners. Actually. it tells me what to expect from them from them when it comes to getting information to me on time and to paying on time at the end of a project.

Remember, to be on time and avoid problems.


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